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10 Signs You Need a Social Media Manager

Rather you’re a small business or part of a big firm, if your company doesn’t have a social media footprint chances are you’re about to go out of business. U.S. consumers average 5 hours a day on their phones and most of that time is spent on social media. And last year brands spent $36 billion on social network advertisement. So if you’re not taking advantage of social network websites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, then you’re missing the opportunity to target the most important audience to every company operating in this day and age. It’s the job of the social media manager to develop social media marketing campaigns and monitor a company’s social media platforms but despite our knowledge of what a social media manager do; we often have the misconception that all a social media manager does is tweet, post and comment. The Internet doesn’t sleep and the job of the social media manager is to make sure a company’s online presence is alive and well; 24 hours and seven days a week. If you think a social media manager’s job is to just tweet, post and comment, then you far from the truth and need to actually hire a new social media manager. According to our certified social media manager Teodora Thompson, there are countless misconceptions people have about what a social media manager does. Here are her ten signs that suggest you might need a social media manager.

You waste time sitting in front of a computer

Not all social networks are created equal and not knowing which platform to create a profile on will have you wasting time by targeting every social network site out there. A social media manager knows which platform to use. He or she keeps up-to-date with the latest reports and user statistics.

You need to get the news out FASTER

Have a great product and can’t seem to get the word out fast enough? The traditional mechanism PR agencies used to use are gone. Social media is the fastest and most efficient way to get the word out about your product or service. 

You need to COLLABORATE better with your team

Not every employee could be at the office at the same time and employees are not always on time for meetings. There are plenty of social networks that help companies keep in touch and stay focus while on the run. 

You are not getting any ENGAGEMENT   

Just tweeting, posting or commenting won’t get you much engagement. Social media managers can increase audience engagement with techniques that make you go viral. 

Your customer base is not GROWING

Social media managers know the right platform to increase your target audience.

You are not increasing your NETWORK

A social media manager doesn’t target every social network. They know the popular ones that will increase your audience and network.

You need professional DESIGN

Graphic and website design services take time to get done. A great social media manager has the ability to execute a graphic and website design strategy that can effectively be implemented on your company’s various platforms.   

Your BRANDING looks different on every network

If you your Facebook profile looks different than your Instagram, then you have an online branding problem.

You cannot KEEP UP with the calendar and social event

A social media manager will prioritize! 

You focus on the now and not DEVELOPING YOUR BUSINESS

The proper social media marketing plan will help you focus on the overall development of your business.

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