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2018 Instagram Trends

Instagram Trends by Teodora Thompson Miami Marketing Agency


“We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes.” This post along with a picture of a pregnant with twins Beyoncé was the most liked Instagram post of 2017 with 11.1 million likes. Her post was at the top of the Instagram trends of last year. We’re pretty much done with the first month of 2018. But because of New Year’s resolutions, exercise regiments were at the top of Instagram trends for January. And as we get back into our non-workout routines, we will surely see a different set of Instagram trends for the rest of 2018. For all of you, 800 million Instagram users out there here is what you should expect to see on the platform.

1. More Stories

Instagram Stories is the most popular feature on the platform. It had been used by 250 million daily users since it 2010 launch. The ending of 2017 saw a major push by Instagram to get its users to use the feature even more and we should expect that push to continue in 2018. With the addition of the ‘Story Highlights’, that allows users to showcase their most popular or important Story posts beyond the 24-hour limit, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing more stories, stories archives and more stories trending.

2. Instagram Live

Seems like every social media platform has a live feature. The more we share, the more we want our post to have meaning so what better way to give that extra meaning to your post by going live. Studies show and experience has proven that the feature creates stronger and more personal connection between users and audiences.

3. Break the classic 3×3 grid

A 4×4 grid may be coming to Instagram. We hope not, because people have spent years perfecting their feeds. The current 3×3 layout allows for a bit more clutter so a bigger gird means you have to be more selective to what you post.

4.  Goodbye to Bots

Instagram is trying to cease the usage of third-party apps, which often promises to deliver thousands of followers and generate engagements. Instagram has taken steps to recognize and penalize bot behavior such as liking too many accounts in a short period of time, leaving short and repetitive comments on accounts. They are getting better at detecting bots, so be careful buying likes, because your account may be disabled and removed without a warning.

5. Instagram Will Know You Better

With their push for Instagram Stories, personalize content will be popular in 2018. The more we post personal content, the more Instagram will be able to recognize our behavior; which will lead to news feeds that match our profile.

6. More Paid/ Sponsored Content 

As Instagram increases its active users, advertisements in feeds and Story ads will become more prominent on the platform.

7. Shoppable Posts Will Become More Common

Every time a platform implements a new feature, users use them like crazy until they get tired of them but we’re not expecting users to get tired of Shoppable Content anytime soon. The more Shoppable Content is able to resemble normal post, the more likely we’ll see them in that manner.

8. Recommended posts 

You will find now a pop up section when you scroll down your feed to show “recommended posts”

9. Paid Partnership

After the ongoing FTC’S warnings to celebrity users, Instagram now adds “paid Partnership” tag to sponsored posts.  This appears as a sub-header on sponsored posts and stories.  This move came a couple of months after the Federal Trade Commission sent out letters to dozens of celebrities with a warning that their paid posts on the platform did not include sufficient disclosures.  This is an important part of the overall Instagram experience in building healthy community.


10. Stories can include photos past the 24 hrs

This element is still rolling out, but its in favor of our content pool for the brands we manage as social media managers at Miami Marketing Co.

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