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Former New England Patriots Player Elgin J. Davis Releases His Book, “Why Did It Happen to Me” and Launches His Brand New Website

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MIAMI, Oct 3, 2016–Former NFL player Elgin J. Davis announced the release of his second version of autobiography “Why Did It Happen to Me” in June. 10, 2016, a heart touching narrative of Davis’s journey from his humble beginnings as a football loving toddler, through his years as a celebrated NFL player, to a passionate public speaker nowadays.

The book narrates the most significant and life shaping moments of his life and records his sufferings and endeavors through the eyes of Elgin. The book shows an insightful and often humorous view of Elgin’s life, from his early impecunious childhood days to his football playing career and beyond.

The website, designed and branded by Teodora Thompson, Miami Marketing Co, gives more details of David’ s personal life. The main color of the website shows David’s strong and assertive personality.

“I found ‘Why Did It Happen to Me’ a compelling story of a gifted young man destined for greatness. His steadfast faith and love for his parents, siblings and special people in his life sustained Elgin Davis through his rise and fall in the NFL. I believe his greatness is yet to come – off the football field!” commented by Dr. Ruth L. Baskerville, a 43-year Veteran Educator, Author, Ghost Writer and Tutor.

About the author Elgin Davis- He was born in an underprivileged area in Jacksonville, Florida. At an early age he learned life principles from his family’s strong spiritual beliefs and humble roots. He was a Football player in the beginning of his career. After he retired, Elgin started to write of his family including his beloved parents, grandparents and wife and daughters and their impact on his growth as a man. In 2008, Elgin published the first version of his book “Why Did It Happen to me”.

For more information about “Why Did It Happen to Me” and how to purchase it, please visit or contact [email protected]

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