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How Brands Can Stay Relevant During COVID-19 Outbreak

Guide to Marketing During Coronavirus COVID-19

Guide to Marketing For Your Business and Things to Consider During Covid-19 Outbreak

With companies slashing advertising and marketing budgets, the ad industry could see billions in lost revenue. The industries hit hardest by the pandemic in the US include retail, hospitality, travel, and transportation.  No one really knows how long this outbreak will last, it has caused a major impact on the market and has disrupted our lives forever.  We have so many questions as humans, but also as professionals.  We have worked through so many principles internally to evaluate our client’s marketing campaigns, but never expected a worldwide lockdown pandemic that will cause millions to lose their jobs and close down businesses.

We want to share five key guidelines in hopes of being helpful to other businesses and brands to navigate through this uncertain territory.

Make Local Decisions

Although we have a global pandemic, the impact on lives is local.  We need to carry our thinking into the evaluation of our marketing campaigns. We need to make local decisions.  Trust your local marketing agency to make local marketing decisions.  Ask yourself in what instance are we comfortable putting our brand alongside news content?  This should guide you in the decision-making process, especially the use of your paid social channels.  Local is key.

Reassess Brand Message

As the market changes rapidly per industry, we have to constantly reassess your brand message, the campaigns, creative elements.  We know that things change day by day, and because of that, every possible brand touchpoint needs to be altered across all paid and owned channels.  If you wonder if your message is right, try to ask yourself, if this creative message that was planned two weeks ago is right to distribute now?

Re-Evaluate Creatives

Every single element of your brand needs to be re-evaluated, from your videos to your copy, keywords, visual elements and need to be relevant to the current situation.  What is the tone of voice of your message?  Let’s hold off on the sense of humor, high-fives, shakes, and hugs and now respect social distancing to slow down the spreading of the virus.

Budget Relevant Content

As brands need to re-evaluate their budgets, we recognize we have the responsibility to evaluate our budgets through the lens of what’s relevant to our customers now.  Right now, we have to simply be helpful to others.  As we turn to the use of even more technology now, we have to provide valuable information that people are looking for.  For example, the use of video conferencing and online meeting rooms boomed in a single day, so we have to shift our paid media to brands that help more people get important information on the current reality and how to help one another “remotely” – as anti-social is the new “social.”

Help One Another

We are all in this together, as one.  We need to come together as a community and help one another any way we can.  This is all we have to do.  Keep our distance and help each other with what we can.  We can survive this, one world, one nation.  We are here to help our clients and partners through this difficult time.  Miami Marketing is continuing our efforts every day to push businesses forward and our team is dedicated to direct the marketing of our brands to keep top of mind and stay relevant and adjust marketing messages throughout all stores, websites, social channels worldwide.  As each day goes by, we will continue to assess each and every brand touchpoint for new opportunities.


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