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How to Create Brand Awareness with Social Media?

How to Create Brand Awareness with Social Media?

 The Plan 

The first and most important thing is – start with your goal.  Your goal is a vital point and is often overlooked. That might be because finding the main goal for an outreach campaign takes time and effort.  The goal should not be “because your mother said so” or just for good public relations or marketing.
The following are a few key questions that might help:
  • Are you trying to build awareness amongst a specific community or a group?
  • Do you need to get buyers, investors, volunteers?
  • Do you need the attention or retailers, bloggers?
  • Now how will measure the results? The people who initiated the first step, the sign-ups and email subscribers?
  • What do you do with your results?
There are many other points that may be more suited to finding your goals. This will take some time, but it is important you find your specific goals, so you can measure your results and improve.
Having a large number of followers is great, but that should not be your main goal.  When you apply a good strategy for your social media, the follower will come.  It’s great to have them but you want them to buy, involve, give, interact or communicate in some way.  You want ACTION.  Getting response, mentions or retweets is different.  Social media platform validation is worth applying and tracking as a technique in brand awareness.
The Target Market
The next step is identifying your target market.  Here are a few questions to ask:
  • What specific group are you targeting you why?
  • What is the message you want to transmit?
  • Why do they need to receive this message?
  • What is the value/benefit for them?
When your audience is listening, you need to tell them the story from their perspective, your target.  It should be said in a persuasive way to let them see why they should care.
The reason why you want them to care is your GOAL.
Why should your audience respond to your message?  They should know why the message matters to them.
The Message 
Now that you have found your goal and your audience, you need to transmit your message. This would be really hard if the message was the first step you had to apply. It makes things easier when you know what you want to happen and by whom. Your message could be simply about:
  • a brand new product
  • a service
  • an event
  • a sale, deal, an offer
  • a BIG change
  • research, feedback
  • specific data for reports or results
The Action
This includes the tools you are going to use to get your message out to your audience. You can always learn just by reading posts with marketing tips from our marketing experts.
The action step is going to involve many different techniques and tools, depending on what the results of the steps that set it in motion. Some techniques will be valuable to apply with in almost every situation where you want to use social media to spread the word.
Here is your social media outreach:
  • Blog
  • Engage
  •  Converse
  • Respond
  • Monitor
  • Be yourself
  • Keep a sense of humor
  • Stay on track
As you do these things, remember to keep focused on your goal, target group, and message. If you always refer to these four steps as described, your brand awareness goals will be success. This chart is a great model to use as a visual:
The secret is: You should know, going in, that it’s not quick or easy.


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