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We were lost for words when Apple began debuting its “There’s an app for that” phase in 2009. Though we’re already used to having technology simplify our lives prior to the introduction of the iPhone, managing daily tasks came close to being flawless by the time we got accustomed to using the incredibly user-friendly apps. With their constant updates, one can only imagine how much more easily managing daily activities will become. So here are six apps your iPhone should never run without.   

Google Trips turns your Smartphone into a travel connoisseur, consolidating travel itineraries and reservations from your emails into automatically sorted trips. It automatically arranges your flight details, hotel and car reservations, tour itineraries and other information available in your emails. The app then augments that with recommendations, suggested day plans, and related local sights based on your tastes, interests and local travel tips. 

Dropbox is a cloud storage pioneer, helping popularize the online storage of your files, photos, music, and documents for easy access on any device wherever you go. Users get at least 2GB of cloud storage for their files and photos, with syncing and offline access settings allowing you to always access your most important files. File sharing lets you send files to others (including people without Dropbox accounts), and shared folders let you work collaboratively on your files. There’s even a handy photo scanner mode that lets you take snapshots of everything from receipts to whiteboards in order to save them as PDFs.

LastPass is a standout cross-platform password manager that upped the ante on its competition by making cross-platform syncing of your passwords available on its free tier. The mobile app combines password vault and strong password generator into one package, and works with Safari and a variety of mobile browsers and apps, automatically filling in forms and login details when surfing the web and accessing sites. On iOS, the service lets you use a master password or TouchID to access your vault and log in. Users can also generate new passwords as well as add or update their list of Form Fills, Sites, and Secure Notes.

Waze is a navigation app and then some. It feeds your Smartphone real-time traffic information, based on reports from other Waze users. That data includes accidents, speed traps and other hazards that might keep you from getting to your destination in a timely fashion. You can see if your Facebook friends are on the road with you. It gives you alert to gas prices and provides you with the ability to send your ETA to anyone waiting at your final stop.

OpenTable is one of the best helpful restaurant discovery and reservation app on the iPhone. Users can search for restaurants by proximity, cuisine, date and time, view them on a map and check out their business details, photos, reviews, and menus. It allows you to book available tables, update your reservations, and even invite guests and ask for an RSVP from within the app. OpenTable features more than 43,000 restaurant entries worldwide, including in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, Australia, Japan and the Netherlands. It also integrates with the Maps and Messages apps in iOS 11, and you can use Siri to book a reservation.

The Microsoft Outlook app is a productivity powerhouse, bringing your email, attachments, contacts, and calendars within easy reach. Outlook’s built-in analytic engine automatically surfaces important email (across multiple accounts) based on your communications, and quick swipe controls allow you to easily triage your email. It works with Exchange, Office 365,, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and iCloud email accounts. 

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