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The Reason Why Every Business Needs a Real Marketing Specialist

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During a time when it is more important than ever, businesses must run seamlessly. Their operations need to be lean and efficient. Too often, marketing takes a back seat or is overlooked entirely. Or, in the worst scenario, it is done by someone in the company who has some extra time, but no marketing experience at all. This can actually be detrimental to the business.

Quite often, owners and other employees are used to market the company. These people, although very skilled in their positions, are quite unskilled in strategic planning related to advertising and marketing. It is most important that business owners realize that they need to do what they do best — run the company. Taking time away from prospecting, or creating new products will hurt the company. Plus, they are spending time doing something that they do not know how to do.

A successful business is judged by its profits. Business owners/managers would be smart to realize that marketing and advertising should be done by the professionals.

It is important to keep up to date on trends in advertising, such as the new one, social media. The Internet is a grand thing and when used appropriately, it can help to increase sales. Advertising agencies know marketing and can recommend to the business owner the best marketing tools for them. A company must to be branded and steps have to be taken over a period of time to achieve the best results. It’s not something that can be done every once-in-a-while when the accountant or someone else in the company has some spare time.

Profits. This is the reason why every business needs a real marketing specialist. Once that specialist learns about the company and its customers, they will bring together ideas to get the name of the company before its target group. Today, more than ever, businesses are relying on marketing professionals to prove to them that their advertising ventures are paying off.

For one example, the return on investment (ROI) is valued in the number of hits to the company website, or the replies to a direct mail piece, as well as many other ways. There has to be a way to measure the benefits — businesses should demand it. If there are not measurable results, then the business cannot justify the marketing strategy. A professional marketing specialist or agency should put together the ROI expectations in their strategy while presenting their initial plan. Offering the business ongoing reporting mechanisms to track those numbers would be effective in knowing next steps in the company’s advertising plan.

A business does not exist that could not benefit from a professional marketing specialist. Small companies might not be able to justify hiring a full-service advertising agency. But there are independent marketing specialists that can assist them with a small version of a very good campaign – a campaign that will be customized for their size of company and target market. A good marketing agent will choose a campaign that will provide positive results for any size business.

A larger business could benefit from a full-service agency, incorporating public relations, radio, print advertising or many other types of media advertising for the company. Depending on the type of business, a full gambit of marketing strategies could be successful in growing the business. Agencies often have individuals on staff specializing in the many different types of marketing. Also, partnering with an agency can come financial benefits to the business. Since the agency has already built relationships with media representatives, they can receive the best prices on placement of ads because of their history with the media suppliers. The agency then passes this savings on to the business. Negotiating media placement is certainly a place where an individual company might not always get the best pricing.

Choosing the marketing specialist or agency that best suits a company should be taken seriously. After all, the company’s success is at risk. Business owners should take into consideration the type of work the specialist or agency has done in the past. Do they have experience in researching competition? Will they go the extra mile to learn all about the business and its customers? Do they have longevity in the area of marketing? What about their ability to measure the success of the advertising or marketing plan? That is a very important question. Are they antiquated in their ideas and attitudes? They should be aware of modern trends in advertising and the results that they offer

One more option is available for a business looking for a marketing specialist. They could hire one for in-house. They should keep in mind, though, that this is a full time position and will take quite a lot of time if done correctly. The same questions could be asked of the applicants that would be asked of an agency. It should also be mentioned that the company marketing specialist would need to work in conjunction with any sales representatives. It would be incumbent on the specialist to teach the sales force how to sell using the strategies and media produced.

Business owners and managers should do what they do best “run the company”, and leave the marketing strategies and advertising to the professionals. It will turn out to be the best money spent.


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